In a moment of desperation, when trying to fathom out some of the awful Israeli websites to find some wardrobes, we did a ‘google translate’ of the Ikea website. Amusingly, we discovered you could buy ‘Old Baskets’. It just shows the risks of translating websites automatically – Old Baskets is a translation of “סלים ותיקים” in the bedroom storage section; the translation should really be something like ‘baskets and bags’  – the word תיקים (bags) has the ו (letter vav) as a conjunction which means ‘and’ – however, this letter transforms the word into ותיקים which means ‘veteran’ or ‘old’. It is possible to suggest better translations on google, which we did, but nothing seems to have changed. After we went shopping in Netanya, the Ikea store there burnt down; fortunately, no-one was hurt. The store is set to re-open in 2012 and a new store apparently may open in Haifa too.

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