In the lead up to Pesach when we recite those famous words, ‘Let all who are hungry come and eat’ here are some posts I have written about foodbanks and hunger:

My article in the Jewish News on the subject of foodbanks.

Some of my blog posts:


Reflections on writing a piece for a Haggadah Supplement last year

Eighty Hungry People for Dinner – part of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign last year

Comment on the horsemeat scandal



Haggadah Supplements this year:

Tzedek, Rene Cassin, JCORE, JSAF and JHUB

Religious Action Centre, USA (this is their usual page of supplements some of which may be new for this year)

Fairtrade Judaica

Kibbutz Archive at Beit HaShitta (in Hebrew) – may not be new for 2014, but I do enjoy looking at this site.

A piece by Jay Michaelson about newly released Haggadot for 2014