What is clear more and more is that the popular case for saving the lives of children who are unaccompanied refugees has not been sustained. Lord Dubs spoke at West London Synagogue for Holocaust Memorial Day and said that the pressure needed to be kept on politicians. Now the Dubs Amendment has come to an end.

I don’t think it’s that we don’t care here. It’s that the politicians (and the Home Office) have no reason to act on our compassion. But it’s a total disgrace that we are reneging on our responsibilities as citizens of the world. With the hardening of hearts across the world, we need to leverage our power to show our politicians here in the UK that protecting Britain as we go down the Brexit path, does not mean we need to or can abandon our fundamental responsibilities.

It’s been several years now of writing about this – one step forward, two steps back in making the case for our country to live up to its historic place in the family of nations to protect and save the lives of children fleeing war and persecution. We must not falter now when the global political climate seems so much against us.

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